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The Secretary shall, within one year of the date 13 of enactment of this Act, conduct a study to determine — 14 (1) the size of the juvenile Indian population in 15 need of residential alcohol and drug abuse treatment; 16 (2) the definition of a "crisis area" in which the 17 need for treatment is critical and immediate; 18 (3) where other programs for emergency and long- 19 term treatment should be located; and 20 (4) the cost of providing such treatment. 24 A participating tribe or tribal organization is one that has 25 notified the Secretary of its willingness to operate a program 91 1 and to provide 25 per centum of the costs of such a program, 2 either through funding, facilities, or in-kind services. " In reference to the anecdote I have just related to you, perhaps many of us have assumed that merely warning and lecturing about the dangers of alcohol and drugs will deter them from experimen- tation and eventual use or abuse. She is ac- companied by Augusta Vea, a student from Chinle, AZ, and Ophe- lia Barber, a student from Shiprock, NM. Your statement will be made fully a part of the record. As mentioned, we have brought two youths to testify Mr. We have a youth education substance abuse program that was primarily developed as part of our curriculum. : That means that the females are dying— well, the data show that they are not drinking as much, and they are not drinking at as early an age, but evidently they are drinking or becoming alcoholic at a faster rate and deve^ping those pathological disorders at a faster rate than the young males. And so that program is hardly an envi- ronment for the younger clients to get services and also for female clients. We were also asked to talk about our referrals in our Indian Health Service to alcoholics. If schools are to be a mechanism, be they BIA or public, through which young Indian people are to be sensitized and informed p.f the causes and effects of alcohol and drug abuse, then the curriculum, by which such information is to be delivered, must be relevant to representative of the environ- ment in which Indian young people must survive. Therefore, any curriculum that is now available and which is designed to teach Indian students in the area of alcohol and 248 242 drug abuse causes and effects must be thoroughly evaluated to determine sensitivity to the Indian community, insuring that such curriculum realistically addresses the social and cultural parameters within which the Indian student lives and functions. THE DRIVER EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR TO*K THE CLASS TO LOOK AT THE VEHICLE. UPWARD BOUND, SPEARFISH, SOUTH DAKOTA WHICH INVOLVES THIRTY STUDENTS FROM OUR SCHOOL. The Secretary is authorized to enter into an 22 agreement for the operation of any program authorized under 23 this Act, with a "participating" tribe or tribal organization. There is authorized to be appropriated such 4 sums as the Secretary and Congress determine to be neces- 5 sary to carry out the provisions of this Act. I haye ^stifled on behalf of the Southern Pueblos Governors, which I also am the chairman of, and I have talked with the rest of the Governors, and they know that this is a problem throughout, not only in the Pueblo of Isleta, but throughout. Richardson, I know that you have many o*her persons that need to testify, so I will let Mr. Are you taking the same measures with alcoholism in preventing an illness or death as you would have done with the old house? I think if the youths learn this from their own peers, I think it might be very effective. Thank you very much for appearing before the committee. Gardenia King, the director of the Navajo National Alcoholism Program. I appreciate the opportunity to be here before you to present testi- mony on behalf of the Navajo Nation. And the referrals right now are already on a waiting list. With me is Ina Palmer, principal consultant for the Albuquerque Area Office of the Indian Health Service. Palmer will present to you our pre- }ared statement, which states the seriousness of the growing prob- em of alcohol and substance abuse that affect our Indian youth. Palmer's statement, we wish to submit to you for the record our official written testimony. But if you will look at the data on female alcoholism and cirrhosis, you will find that young females are starting to die of cirrhosis between the ages of 15 and 24, and they are dying at a rate that is higher than that of their male counterparts during tnat age. Most of those programs have been traditionally geared to serve the older male client, who is around 40-years-old and has been drinking for 15 to 20 years. This bill affords the opportunity to break through the denial, often generations deep. TWO STUDENTS FROM OUR SCHOOL LEFT THE FIRST PERIOD TO GO "JOY RIDING", AN ACCIDENT HAPPENED AND HER BROTHER WAS ONE OF THE VICTIMS.

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LEAP 1990-1991 in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Primary acknowledgement for the LEAP Clearinghouse must be made of the many individuals and organizations who designed, implemented, and then reported on the public awareness projects compiled in this database.

They have been significant contributors to the preservation of our archeological heritage.

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