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before i tell fagstranger you love him Chima is a HATER! thats cool cameroonian men are the coolest men evermy cammy is not only handsome but gentle, charming, very smart n respectful I can go on and on loldey might not be as bold/confident or crazy fun like my Naija men but love them the way dey are Okay Sis, Some Cameroonian men are okay.

Nigerian men are too reserved in comparison with Jamo men.

“Breaking up is hard to do” is a cliché phrase for a reason.

Ending a romantic relationship can be a very distressing process to the point where you can barely eat, sleep or think. Sharing is important in relationships but there is such thing as sharing too much when it comes to your past sexual exploits.

Jamo men reminds me more of West Senegalese and Liberian men.

If you were to put Jamo men with Nigerian men you can tell the big difference.

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(17304 Views) Ladies, Can You Date/have You Dated A Nerd? / Is There Any Women Who Is Over 18 And Still A Virgin (1) (2) (3) (4) Ms Dark Skin:@chima shattarap there! it's very unfortunate the rift between western blacks and are very similar but focus on our dating a cameroonian?

But once a great guy is in front of you, what should you do and say to keep his attention? Between pouring drinks, they watch men and women interact all night long… It’s the 21st century and the stigma of online dating is disappearing.

and he isn't afraid to show his emotionsto me which I also see as a common trait among Cameroonian [email protected] actually AA/Caribbean and African dating is on a rise.between AAs and Caribbeans there are SOOO many half AA and West Indians out therewe might as well call ourselves another ethnicity but there are also Africans who are datingfolks from both backgrounds.

I am not sure how others feel about it but I love it. I've met a 30 year old woman whose mother is AA and father is Sierra Leonean and have a 10 year old cousin whose mother is Jamoand father is Nigerian.

Well all men are basically the same but being as i am from Barbados i can freely say that alot of them are cheats and only use people..i know i may get thumbs dwn for this but girl friend u wanted an honest answer and im giving u one.

But trust me they are still a few good ones knocking around just like anywhere else!