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Dating the fossil record worksheet

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In fact, there are a number of creationists who have changed their opinion on some fossils.

They do not even appear to be converging towards a consistent opinion.

Interestingly, widely differing views are held by two of the most prominent creationist researchers on human origins, Gish and Lubenow.

Bowden, who has also written a book on human evolution, agrees with neither of them, and Mehlert, who has written a number of articles on human evolution in creationist journals, has yet another opinion, as does Cuozzo in his 1998 book on Neandertals, as does Line in a 2005 article reviewing the hominid fossil record.

Prehistoric plant and animal remains washed into the seas along with sand and silt.

Layers of organic materials piled up on the sea bottom.

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Going one step at a time can make fossil identification possible for anyone.

Our key research partners are in East Africa and East Asia – especially in Kenya, China, and Indonesia.

Our digs and studies in these regions, along with investigations by associates working in Ethiopia, Tanzania, India, Mozambique, among other countries, help generate scientific data on the long-term interaction of human ancestors with their surroundings. The research supports our effort to bring the latest findings to public audiences worldwide.

In fact, the number of branches our evolutionary tree, and also the length of time, has nearly doubled since the famed ‘Lucy’ fossil skeleton was discovered in 1974!

There were periods in the past when three or four early human species lived at the same time, even in the same place.