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With Playboy and Huslter as top rivals, each issue of Penthouse and its covers on any give month, January, February, March, April, May, July, June, August, September, October, November or December is a revista.
There are about 100 people online all the time (this because of the differences in timezone).

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Elle doit gérer deux frères rappeurs, un père blasé depuis le départ de sa femme qui a pour amoureuse une nymphette.

Skins is a British teen drama that follows the lives of a group of teenagers in Bristol, South West England, through the two years of sixth form.

Over its initial six-year run, Skins proved to be atypical of ongoing drama series in that it replaced its primary cast every two years.

Plans for a film spin-off were first discussed in 2009, but ultimately did not come to fruition.

Its controversial story-lines have explored issues such as dysfunctional families, mental illness (such as depression, eating disorders and bipolar disorder), adolescent sexuality, gender, substance abuse, death and bullying.

Each episode generally focuses on a particular character and the struggles they face in their life.

Aidé de Michelle, sa petite amie, il veut utiliser Cassie (une anorexique un peu ahurie) en la droguant pour qu'elle accepte de coucher avec lui.

Sid est chargé d'aller chercher de l'herbe chez un dealer appelé Mad Le Barge.

Jal doit se préparer pour son récital de clarinette mais les problèmes des autres l'accaparent plus encore.

Kharral wasn't entirely respectful of his religion, eating pork, indulging in pre-marital sex and taking drugs.

The role was enough of a showcase to capture the attention of director Danny Boyle, who was looking to adapt Indian novel Q&A for the big screen.

'Joffrey' is this completely insane young kid who's been given this absolute power over people's lives, and he's been corrupted absolutely.

It's a study of the social consequences of war that, sadly, isn't too far from a lot of the actual state of the world.