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However, I did read about 1 issue that 1 person had that would be hard to resolve - when shooting several rounds through the gun, as everything heats up, the expansion of the bolt makes it really hard to cycle by hand (think the guy ended up using a hammer or something). __________________ A 30cal will reach out and touch them. NRA Life Member, NRA certified RSO, Hunter, shooter, reloader SCI, Manteca Sportsmen Club, Coalinga Rifle Club, Escalon Sportsmans Club & NAHA Member Love my Kimber Montana. There are a few threads around on some hunting sites that discuss improving accuracy. To me the Kimbers seem a little nicer, but both are good guns.

Available in seven popular hunting calibers, the MSRP of the CZ 557 is as yet unannounced but should be about 0.00 or so.

I am talking 2 inch groups or larger initially, and multiple factory loads and a whole lot of powder and bullet combinations. My Tikka .243 shot well from the start with factory loads and the first handload I tried went into half-inch groups fairly regularly.

It shot so well that I went and bought the .300 for my elk rifle.

That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking who fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse." mark twain ​Μολών λαβέ ! We have 3 in the family, 260 Remington, 7-08, and 325WSM. I reload, so have developed 123 gr, 129, gr, and 160 gr loads. shaw gave me a quote our order is for a left handed rifle. The average turnaround time on Mk VII builds is in the 12 to 14 month area.

todd Not sure what was wrong with your Rem 700, we have 3 in the family, 308, 22-250, 338 mag. @ Rem M7, 7-08 and 308, also both lightweight shooters under 1". Monday I was shooting it at the range at 300 yards, from a bench, VERY Heavy winds, constantly changing. We require a 50% deposit to submit the order for manufacturing. Date of Submission: 07/13/17 Contact Information Ordering Instructions: timney trigger contour 3 varmint weight Mk.