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Because if it doesn’t catch his interest right away, it only takes a single click for him to find one that does.

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In late 1940, an 18-year-old Scott auditioned for Hellzapoppin (1938).

But the next thing you know, there are 20 stories about me.

In this clip from Wednesday's episode (8/7c on ABC Family), Mel shows George how to tie a necktie — and sparks fly from there.

So will Joe (Joey Lawrence) get jealous about Mel's young boyfriend?

Editor's Note: This interview was conducted on Monday afternoon, before Buzzfeed reported that Prepon would not be returning to the show as a series regular. And Laura Prepon, who plays the fictionalized version of her on the show, insists she hasn't spoken to her privately, either. We spoke to Prepon, also known for playing Donna on That 70s Show, about where she imagines Alex is today and why her character really isn't all that bad. We get the satisfaction of knowing where Piper is now, but not Alex. We always talked [on set] about how I’m the spider and Piper’s the fly.

Netflix has since weighed in by saying, "Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed." When we asked Prepon — who was in L. when we spoke to her pre-report — if she was returning to the show, she said, "Yeah, of course. It's all scheduling, girl." There's a scene in Orange is the New Black where Piper asks Alex what their future might look like; Alex tells her she doesn't know. You didn’t get to meet Alex before or during season one. Like when we were doing the strip scene and I was on the bed and she was dancing for me, we talked a lot about that scene and the director was like, “Listen, you do not go to her — she always comes to you.” But then Alex falls in love with this girl, and Piper really does a number on her, and Alex doesn’t know how to deal with it.

All original series characters were adapted for the U. Martin Short, Hank Azaria, and Bob Odenkirk were also reported to be interested.

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After understudying the role of Sabina in the original Broadway and Boston stage productions of The Skin of Our Teeth, she emerged in such films as The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946), Dead Reckoning (1947), Desert Fury (1947) and Too Late for Tears (1949).Absolutely, and that’s what’s so cool about this show; you think it’s one thing and then you realize that’s not what’s actually happening. A couple of my girlfriends, I’ve taught them how to play.Like Piper actually manages and maneuvers her way through this prison world by being a manipulative person. But I know that Alex and Nicky have a really cool relationship. Let’s talk about some of the happier Alex and Piper moments, like when they dance to “Milkshake.” Was that always the song you guys were going to dance to, and did you make the dance up yourselves? But they’re usually a little nervous to play in our game because it can be a little intimidating. ” But I’ve realized how important it is to have women in your life.on Tuesday (June 6) and he opened up about the time he swam in Ellen‘s pool without her permission over 20 years ago!During his first trip to Los Angeles in 1996, Scott was invited to the house for a party thrown by one of Ellen‘s former assistants while she was out of town.When asked what was the best advice she was given, Scott replied, "I don't know, but I sure didn't take it." Her mother told her to subdue her emotions and "be a lady", but despite a strict Catholic upbringing, Scott described herself as having been "rebellious and outspoken" as a young girl.