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Some nursing moms leak or spray milk from their breasts, particularly when their breasts are full.Some women never leak, but if you do, it's most likely to happen in the morning – when your milk supply is at its peak – and during feedings.Al-Baghawi said in Sharh al-Sunnah (2/9): Ghusl for janaabah (impurity following sexual activity) is waajib (obligatory) if either of the following applies: either the tip of the penis penetrates the vagina, or the gushing liquid is emitted by the man or the woman…The scholars said that ghusl does not become obligatory unless one is sure that what one feels of wetness comes from the gushing liquid.Remember the good old days, when the verb "gush" referred to something, I don't know, completely disgusting?

Of course you did, you sicko, you're probably gushing on one right now.

(Once you're in sync with each other, you'll probably produce just the right amount of milk for each upcoming feeding.)Also, try nursing before your breasts become too full.

If your breasts are full but your baby isn't ready to eat, it may help to "pump to comfort." This means pumping enough to make your breasts compressible and comfortable, but not so much that you drive up your milk supply.

As if their naming department's creative juices hadn't already been fully drained into these fruit snacks, they actually had the audacity and unoriginality to name of of their flavors "Gushing Grape".

What exactly is with the use of flesh-wound originating adjectives to describe the bursting flavor of sugary. If that wasn't enough, there was actually a movement to save the now-retired "Gushing Grape" variety.