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Validating data migration

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However, federal agencies have certain requirements and bureaucracies for data-related processes, certain rules and specific regulations that would entail special models for building and managing data analytical systems.

In this paper, and based on work done at the US government, a model for data management and validation is introduced: Federal Model for Data Management and Validation (Fed DMV).

The tool takes into account changes in schema and tables names.

The most reliable way to validate the data migration is to compare data in each column and row.

Here are top 4 ETL Testing Tools: Most of the software companies today depend on data flow such as large amount of information made available for access and one can get everything which is needed.

This is where the concept of ETL and ETL Testing comes into the picture.

Fed DMV is 4-step model that has a set of best practices, databases, software tools and analytics.

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There are a couple of preliminary steps involved before you start doing imports into Salesforce.One is a comparison to other state-of-the-art development models at the government, the second one is a survey that was collected at the government to quantify the level of satisfaction regarding Fed DMV and its tool; and finally, a data validation study was performed through detailed testing of the federal system (using an Association Rules algorithm).To develop a safe and sound federal data analytical system, a tested and rigorous model is required.Additionally we’re looking for how the client interacts with their customers using things like Tasks, Calendaring, Notes, Actions, Documents, Email Templates, etc.With this headset and a checklist of things to be sure to look for, we’re ready to start the forensics on the database.In this era of data science, many software vendors are rushing towards providing better solutions for data management, analytics, validation and security.