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, Waka Flocka Flame and the rest of his family were dealt a crushing blow when Waka’s brother, Kay O Redd, took his own life at the end of 2013. She looks like her father’s side really, a lot of her father’s side.Though the death took a toll on the family, the family has one reason to celebrate. Then her mom is Mexican and on that side there’s a lot of Caucasian too.Although Thea and Zino have been dating for six months, rumor has it that the so-called goody two-shoes has slept with ‘Love & Hip Hop’s’ finest, including Nikko and Stevie J.The problem: she’s only told Benzino about Nikko — her high school hook-up.When Jasmine says that Karlie jumped right into her hustle, Karlie claps back, saying it was because she had her and she eventually graduated.Before the pair say goodbye, Karlie gushes about her new man, Lyfe Jennings. “Let me clear something up…” she said in the beginning of her rant.

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To kick off the excitement, Zino tells Stevie he’s ready to propose to Althea — the good girl with a sweet smile that’s hard to resist. She’s the singer-actress-nobody-knows-what-she-does that was in the Hip Hop Weekly head honcho’s life five minutes before he was ready to settle down — ring and all — and everyone sees how that turned out.They made their own business decisions and that’s on them. Once they left the townhouse, then they went into the hotel because she refused to go into the house but they’re good. Waka has a huge following already, but at the end of the day people grew to love him even more because they got to see he’s a real person and not a vicious animal that people make us all out to be.Do you think that being on the show hurt or helped Waka’s career? Even for me too, because I’m very stern, because I’m a female in a male dominated industry, I’m beat on more than I’m loved on.“I think she’s my soul mate, so why wait,” Zino tells Stevie, and all viewers see is the camera cutting to the caramel beauty with an big smile.Unfortunately, the believe-none-of-what-you-see mentality applies here because it turns out Althea (aka Hoethea if you let Joseline Hernandez and Karlie Redd tell it), has made her way around the block and been on her Drake and the Weeknd tip loving the crew.Then he candidly let’s her know that he’s glad she’s moved on because Zino has as well.